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Batchu Foundation Trusts the voice of the Father of the Nation, Sri Mahatma Gandhi that Nation's prosperity depends upon the Welfare and Development of the Villages. And hence Batchu Foundation concentrated on the Development of the following Villages also and donated for respective purposes.

Peddapuram Mandal :-

(i) Kandrakota village :- Cost Rs.62.67 lacs

(a) Funding matching share to needy people to built houses.

(b) Laying concrete Roads.

(c) construction of Dhobhikhani over head tank with bore well and pumpset for drinking water, construction of additional class rooms in Z.P.High schoc and Mandal praja parishad's schools, Special ward for P.H.C, Veternary Hospital, Tailoring centre for women, library Christian Community Hall, Panchayat Office, Ramalayam, Z.P High school compound wall Churches & burial ground an for granite flooring of Kalakshepa Mandapam at Sivalayam at Kandrakota.

(ii) Gudivada :- Cost Rs.8.25 Lacs

Donated for Drinking water supply, improvements to Madal Parishad's school, housing share for the needy people ar Burrial ground.

(iii) R.B Patnam Village :- Cost Rs.7.6 Lacs

Burrial Ground compound wall, computer and furniture to Elementary school and construction of community hall Harijanawada.

(iv) Marlava Village :-Cost Rs.3 lacs

Construction of comound wall for school,furniture to school and burial ground.

(v) Thadiparthi village :- Cost Rs.2.5 lacs

Donated matching grant for construction of community hall.

(vi) Chinabrahmadevam village :- Cost Rs.2.5 lacs

Donation for construction of shed in Burrial ground.

(vii) Kattamuru Village :- Cost Rs.3.75 lacs

Construction of compound wall to Burrial ground and School.

(viii) Sirivada Village :- Cost Rs. 3.5 lacs

Construction of compound wall to Burrial ground & Elementary school and Ramalayam.

Samalkot Mandal :-

(i) Unduru Village :- Cost Rs.3 lacs

Construction of compound wall to Z.P.High school & burial ground.

(ii) Gonchala Village :- Cost Rs.3.5 lacs

Construction of compound wall to Z.P High school & Development of burial ground.

Gandepalli Mandal:-

(i) Katravulapalli village :- Cost Rs.8.36 Lacs

Donated for the construction of compound wall to Z.P.High school,

Gandhi Bhavan and Panchayat market yard with shops.

Total. . . Rs.781.96