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Be a Member

You are invited to join as member of the foundation. The foundation is actively involved for the last thirty years in the development of the communities across the land. We all have a passion to send our children to the best schools. We must show similar love for the children of the under privileged who attend neighborhood schools. Schools that don’t have any furniture or enough classrooms where they combine the classes of different grades. You can be part of a mission to change all of this.

You can join as a member by paying a onetime life membership of 1000 rupee and take active part by voicing your opinion and give a voice to the children..

If are in U.S.A you can pay one thousand dollars and be a life member..

As a member you have certain privileges. You will be part of General body which meets once a year. If you are a native of Peddapuram and living here, you will be automatically a member of the Peddapuram Development Council (PDC). This body meets every three months. You can also part of a committee of your interest. We have 5 committees.

1 Education

2 Construction

3 Maintenance

4 Audit

5 Membership Drive

As a committee member you might have to go to a school or construction site or volunteer for organizing function.

Sometimes as you get familiar with the workings of the foundation the chairman of the foundation can nominate you as a trustee for a term of four years.