We are committed to improve the standards of schools in Peddapuram and nearby villages

Infrastructure facilities

School Environmental

Development Programs

Motivational Programs

Slum Educational Programs

Health & Sanitation

We cannot carry out its objectives to improve outcomes for Indian youth without strengthening the health infrastructure of Peddapuram and its neighboring villages. 

Public Services

Batchu Foundation felt that Public Service is as important as any other charity. Batchu Foundation since last 25 years, served, Jails with computers and nws papers and shelters, Libraries with furnitures

Rural Development

Villages are the back bone for the economy. But unfortunately villagers are not getting better facilities. Most villages are not having proper schools, health facilities,

Batchu Foundation Mission


The mission of Batchu Foundation to raise the standards of Education of Children at Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary Level. To Develop the Infrastructure to bring the Education System of 21st Century


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